I've owned this domain since 1995 and the site has progressed through many incarnations and styles.

Currently it serves as a creative outlet, a technical resource for LAMP developers and Linux gear-heads, and as a sounding board for my rants. 

Enjoy your visit. 


I've updated the site by adding a long-promised photography section.  Since I'm limited to 200 total images by the provider, I'm spending some time picking-and-choosing the images I wish to share.

Work is going well - we've launched the application I've spent the last fifteen months helping to developer and we picked up a large account as our first customer.  There's still a ton of work remaining but it's awesome to finally have my back-end framework (PHP - mySQL - mongodb - RabbitMQ) deployed.  And, deployed within a cloud architecture.   Exciting!

The dogs are fine - Einstein is getting quite old and developed bone growths on the most of his vertebrae along his spine and so is on constant pain medication to improve his life quality.  He's happy and spends most of his time kicking-back and supervising.  Bella is an absolute Princess - she's a cuddle monkey and is most-happy spending time on my lap in the evenings.

Life in Mexico continues to be awesome with fantastic friends, food, shopping and places!  I've stopped working on furnishings and have started an aggressive savings plan so I can purchase the house next year.  I finally acquired a large, six-quart crock-pot and have been slow-cooking a lot of Chicago-style Italian beef and marinara sauce.  I'm jumping into making my own cheeses, having finally conquered the art of making ice cream, as my next food-based obsession.

My home-entertainment system has been fully-developed - I quickly filled-up my first 6TB NAS with many hundreds of TV shows, music, and movies.  I'm building a new NAS server to provide another 12TB of storage and the ability to also slide-show thousands of photographs I've been accumulating over the decades. 

Thanks for your visit!

Apr 12, 2014
Puerto Nuevo, MX




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