Best Breakfast Burritos, ever!

I like eating a good breakfast, usually around lunchtime once I've had my fill of coffee and am awake enough to appreciate a good breakfast. This is my recipe for my ultimate breakfast burrito - I make this several time a week and never tire of eating it.  It's fast, cheap and easy -- you're breakfast is done in about 15 minutes.


  • Pork Chorizo - I usually use about 4-inches of fresh chorizo in this batch
  • 3 fresh eggs
  • 4 flour tortillas - I like corn but flour is better for burritos...small tortillas are what I use, about 7-8" diameter.
  • 3 strips bacon - I like thick-cut.  If using thin-sliced bacon, consider 4 strips
  • sour cream - about 1/4 cup
  • Sri Racha hot sauce
  • Fresh molcajete - it's easy to make, guaranteed foodgasm if it's still warm
  • Potato patty, prepared french-fries, or sliced raw potato - whatever is convenient.

I use a deep-fryer, which are inexpensive and oh-so handy.  Start your bacon in a 375-degree deep-fryer or cook the conventional way.  I don't worry about the bacon in the deep-fryer (it comes out looking ... different) because I'm going to crunch up the bacon in to pieces later.  Keep an eye on the bacon to keep it from over-cooking -- you want it crisp so it crumbles easily but not burned.  Burning bacon is a felony in most civilized places.  Once the bacon's been cooking for about 3 minutes, I add the potato to the deep-frier.

Heat a skillet and use a non-stick spray (or your cooked bacon grease) to grease the pan.  I use a medium-low gas-heat setting.

If you're cooking everything in a skillet, start by cooking your bacon until it's well done in an un-greased skillet.   Pull the bacon and put it on some napkins or paper towels to drain.  If you accumulated more than 1/8 cup of grease in your pan, drain off the excess.   Toss in your potatoes and cook thoroughly.  Season to taste but take it easy as most of the seasoning will be provided in the salsas.  Once you've been cooking the potatoes so that you've turned them once, you can move to the next step.

Start your chorizo (you've already cooked the bacon) in one side of the pan and flattening it with a spatula.  (I oil the spatula so that the sausage doesn't stick.)  Cook for about 3-4 minutes until the chorizo starts to brown.  I'm not one for crunchy-chorizo - I like mine at a soft consistency, like browned ground beef.

If you're using a deep-fryer, rescue and drain the bacon and crumble it when it's dry.  Remove the cooked potato.

Once you've flipped the chorizo over, (it should be starting to separate from releasing it's oils), let it cook for about a minute and then crack your eggs into the skillet, on the unused side of the pan.  Once the eggs have turned white, break the yokes with your spatula and add the molcajete - enough for your taste and heat-tolerance.  I usually use a couple tablespoons.

Stir the egg and salsa mixture until its about 50% cooked.  Add the crumbled bacon.  Add the potato and use your spatula to break-up the potato into very small bits.  Stir the mixture together and continue flipping with the spatula until the eggs reach a desired consistency.  I like my eggs a little moist, not wet, and not dry.  Things should be clumping together nicely at this point and, when you're satisfied, remove the skillet from the heat.

Use your stove griddle, or microwave, to heat four flour tortillas.  Warm but not stiff.  For however many tortillas you make, do this next:

  • Plate a warm tortilla
  • I use a fork to spread a very thin layer of sour cream on the tortilla, about an inch wide.
  • Generous squirt of Sri Racha hot sauce on top of the sour cream
  • Scoop a portion of your egg-potato-chorizo-bacon-molcajete mixture into the center of tortilla, atop the sour cream/sri-racha stripe
  • fold the burrito

Do this for all your tortillas until assembly is complete.  Pour a cold glass of milk or juice and enjoy your breakfast!  This is a very-filling, complete meal, and on the days I eat this, I usually make 3-4 small burritos and this meal lasts me the entire day.  If I get hungry in the evening, I usually just have a salad or a sliced cucumber to top-off.


  • Cheese is a matter of taste.  I've gotten used to not using cheese in any of my Mexican cooking unless it's a quesadilla.  I find that when I'm in the US, cheese in Mexican food is a distraction to the tastes and flavors and smothers the food instead of enhancing it.  Of course, your mileage may vary.
  • It's very, very easy to make molcajete -- if you've ever enjoyed it freshly-made at your table, then you can appreciate the addiction.  The flavor is incredible and a perfect compliment to any dish, but I really like it with breakfast.
  • Sour cream is definitely optional -- I use it for a cooling agent because the combination of the salsas can get pretty intense if you're not used to eating spicy foods.  A little bit of sour cream is sublime - too much and you might as well be eating at Taco Bell.
  • I usually buy packages of potato-pancakes (hash brown patties) at the bulk stores and keep them frozen.  A single hash-brown patty is the perfect serving size for this dish.
  • Vegetarian chorizo works well with this dish as does the vegi-bacon.
  • Living in Mexico, my eggs are so fresh, chicken-butt feathers are still attached.  They're not farmed eggs or laid from chemically-abused chickens.  They're just eggs and definitely about a hundred times better than anything I've ever bought in a US grocery store.  Seriously.  If you can find something similar, try it once and I guarantee you'll be hooked for life.
  • You can reduce the calories by using corn tortillas and skipping the sour-cream and potato.  By doing the above, two thin-corn tortillas, 2-eggs, and a 1/3 cup of chorizo should give you a satisfying breakfast under 300 calories.