Social Media Apps... who needs them.

Apparently, I have little-to-no patience for social media sites because, as of today, I just deleted my presence off the last one that, at this stage, I rarely use.

I used to have a relatively significant presence on Facebook - until they decided what was relevant for me to see from my friends.  Spam not withstanding, the entire justification for FB was so that I could effortlessly keep track of my family and close friends.  Once Facebook stopped streaming their feeds to mine, I spent the next six months slowly replacing all my "real" data with fake data before closing and deleting my account.

I really liked Instagram - the photo-filters breathed new interest into cellular photography.  Until they were acquired by Facebook.  Account deleted.

Foursquare - I really like this app: gamification of everything I did in the real world!  I checked in every freaking where!  At one point, I had about a dozen mayor-ships and tons of badges.  Total fun, total waste of time.  Then they (marketing dweebs) decided to "improve" the product.  They launched some new app - so significant that I can't recall the name nor posses enough interest to google it - which I installed and tried for about a day.  Total suck experience.  The magic was gone.  Account closed, application deleted.

Google+ is a joke.  Disapora is comparable to 'ello.  Both are listless graveyards populated by the desperate, roaming around,  looking for something, anything, to do.  I tune in a couple times of year just to confirm that nothing's changed.

Yelp! I was starting to get into but their UI drove me crazy.  I like the whole check-in process - kind of fun.  But trying to navigate the app was just too much badness.  I accidentally entered the wrong gender (mis-tap) and no confirmation screen.  Just an onslaught of "Duchess" awards.  Several emails back-and-forth to tech support accomplished nothing - I swear, they're using a different version of the app than I am.... Frustration factor hit the "delete app" point not long there after.

Twitter, so far, is my mainstay app.  It's the only one I actively use and I know that I'm barely a noob when it comes to my twitter-fu.  I enjoy mindlessly scrolling through my timeline and that's about all I use it for.   It's simple and entertaining.  And I'll drop it like a hot rock if they ever take away that basic functionality.

Why is it so damn hard to write a decent social app and, once written, avoid the temptation to "make it better"?  Guess what?  It's not better just because you decided to fuck with the feature set.

Consider, Mr. or Ms. Marketing Dweeb, that you're probably changing the same feature set that not only attracted your user base, but also kept them logging in.  Here's a hot news flash:  change sucks.  If you're going to change base feature sets, you better have a goddamn good reason for doing so and, just in case, offer your users the option for a "classic" mode so they have choice in whatever feature sets they want, not just the ones you want to inflict on them.

It's that easy.  Because, as one of the the hot, sweaty, teeming masses that downloaded and used your app, I am a fickle bastard and will drop your app in hot second if you introduce too much change to the feature-sets that attracted me in the first place.  I got along just fine before I downloaded and installed your application, and, newsflash!: I will continue to do so in the future after I've deleted it.  Why is this so hard for you marketing types to figure out?

Got a pipeline to a decent social app I didn't mention? Let me know about it in the comments, please!