Solving the PHP/SSL Connection to RabbitMQ Handshake Failure

Solving the PHP/SSL Connection to RabbitMQ Handshake Failure

Dealing with an SSL handshake problem using PHP to connect to RabbitMQ, I kept receiving handshake failure fatal errors.  Even though the solution has been documented, I felt it could use a clarification bump so here's how I implemented the solution.

Quick Update...

Sorry this blog has been inactive for so long but I've been really, really busy with work, and my move to Puerto Nuevo, Mexico in northern BC. I am thinking about putting together a series of posts that detail how to set-up a data-processing stack, in PHP, for mongodb that allows you to dynamically generate all CRUD queries via the class stack.

The front-end interface, to this stack, is through RabbitMQ -- also written in PHP -- which eliminates Apache from the  LAMP stack, and no longer requires a REST interface for transferring data requests to-and-from store.

The stack includes services such as auditing, registration for public-facing requests, memcached and membase support, error-logging, and internal checks on requests that prevent things like query generation that result in full-table scans or any searches on un-indexed columns within either mongodb or mysql. (I think I still remember how to code for mysql... :) )

Anyway, this project has been all-consuming for me for the past year and the concept of generalizing the stack for instructional purposes has been rattling around in my can now, looking for a way out, for quite some time.  It's not like there's a plethora of PHP-based RabbitMQ tutorials out there either.

So, that's the happs.  Now that things are settling down a bit, I'll try to get more information out.

Thank you for checking-in!

PHP: Comparing Object Structures

Tech article about evaluating object structures in PHP which also explains when, and how, to use the "===" operator.  I implemented this technique in a factory model to determine which template class to instantiate post-validation of the comparison of the input structure.