I gave up vegetarianism today after almost 10-years of not eating *any* meat, except for shellfish and fish.  No beef, chicken, pork, ostrich, yak, quail, squirrel, or even marmoset.  For a decade. So, in a nutshell, you'll probably ask: why?  (I know the step-kids are freaking-out -- they've only known me as a veggie...)

The reason is two-fold.  One, I'm going on the Modified-Atkins-Diet (and, yes, I know I can do the diet as a veggie -- the point is, I didn't want to.  And Two, the list of things in my life that I don't do is now longer than the list of things I do do.  And that, my friends and family, is bullshit.

Aristotle said it best: everything in moderation.  The key is not to go berserk over what you do, or what you choose to not do.  So, today, I started eating meat again.  (I have sausage for breakfast, fajita beef for lunch, and a steak for dinner.

Imagine - not eating a steak in 10 years and sitting down to a sirloin cooked with garlic, onions, and mushrooms. Recollecting the taste is making my mouth water now.

I'm getting to the age where I don't smoke because it's bad for my health and brain cells.  I don't drink because it's too expensive and people are, for the most part, assholes when they drink and I don't like being around assholes.  For a while, I even gave up caffeine in all forms, including coffee and soda.

I was miserable and my bloodwork looked like shyte.

I've tried the Atkins diet before and it worked really well.   The modified Atkins looks better.  I've got all the warning signs they talk about and warn against - including being on the border of having type-2 diabetes.

And then, it hit me.   If my health is getting so screwed up where I can actually be classified as "morbidly obese", where my blood-work causes me to spend nearly $100/month in pharmaceutical supplements, and my diet is not only expensive, but is bland, an inconvenience to my entire family, and has become stale and boring, then what the hell is the point spending the last 20-30 years of my life like this?

Bring on the rib-eye!   Bacon and eggs for breakfast!  W00t!  Time to live a little and get my blood-chem back into check, drop some lbs, and have some fun.  Who knows, I may even smoke a stogie every now and then....