SWTOR: iMac Graphic Settings for 30-70 fps Framerate

Star Wars - The Old Republic (SWTOR) has pretty much dried-up my technical productivity since it's release last week.  Staying true to my altoholic self, I've now got 6 teenage-level toons running around.

I'm surprised, after playing fantasy-based RPGs for the last decade, how much I am enjoying this game.  True - it is just another MMO similar in aspects to WoW or Rift.  But it's that change of the menu from fantasy to sci-fi that's making the transition so enjoyable.

I do wonder what's happening on Telara...

Anyway, I play on a 27' iMac i7 using Bootcamp with Windows-7 Ultimate 64-bit edition installed to play both SWOTR and Rift.  Installation was really easy - albeit time consuming -- and once I got the right (as in correct) combination dialed-in for my graphics settings, game play is very smooth and responsive.

Here's a screen shot of my settings.  Basically, I'm running in full-screen windowed-mode, custom-settings.  I have high-texture settings and high character detail, medium texture anisotropy, and low shader complexity and low shadow quality.  Grass quality is set to 100% and tree quality is set to 50%.

I've reduced the size of the image a bit; click on it to view it in full-screen.

In spaceport, my resting framerate (to enable fps display, press CTRL+SHIFT+f and the fps is displayed in the lower-left corner of the screen) is about 60 fps on average.

Most of the time when I'm bouncing about, I'm usually around 50fps -- still very smooth with no noticeable lag, jerkiness or stuttering.

FWIW -- I play on Drooga's Pleasure Barge (server) and my main is named Mal'loathe.  Sith, of course.