Can't Connect to mongo 28017 from remote host...

Admittedly, it's been a long, long time since I've had to do a fresh install of mongodb...I am in the process of setting up a couple of mongo servers behind my firewall to use for cluster testings.  Ancient PC's.  AMD Athalon class.  One even has a floppy disk installed. Anyway, once I had the OS installed (Ubuntu 12.10 server) and all the various packages, including mongodb, added to the system, I wanted to access the mongodb from another machine on my network but for the life of me I couldn't connect to the default port of 28017.

Oh, I could connect from localhost using wget without problem.

netstat -a | grep -i listen

Showed port *:28017 in listen mode so no problem there...

I even added the port via iptables to the firewall rules:

iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -d 0/0 -s 0/0 --dport 28017 -j ACCEPT

But I still couldn't connect.

I started to browse /etc/mongodb.conf file looking for a configuration setting that may prevent me from accessing remotely and there is was:

bind-ip =

Since I don't have concerns about security on my private network, I commented out this line and restarted mongo services.

(side note:  you don't want to do this on a production server - instead, use a comma-separated list of ip-addresses to specifically authorize which remote hosts you will permit to connect to your mongo server.)

Worked!  Full access from within my network to mongod!

Hope this helps!