Quick Update...

Sorry this blog has been inactive for so long but I've been really, really busy with work, and my move to Puerto Nuevo, Mexico in northern BC. I am thinking about putting together a series of posts that detail how to set-up a data-processing stack, in PHP, for mongodb that allows you to dynamically generate all CRUD queries via the class stack.

The front-end interface, to this stack, is through RabbitMQ -- also written in PHP -- which eliminates Apache from the  LAMP stack, and no longer requires a REST interface for transferring data requests to-and-from store.

The stack includes services such as auditing, registration for public-facing requests, memcached and membase support, error-logging, and internal checks on requests that prevent things like query generation that result in full-table scans or any searches on un-indexed columns within either mongodb or mysql. (I think I still remember how to code for mysql... :) )

Anyway, this project has been all-consuming for me for the past year and the concept of generalizing the stack for instructional purposes has been rattling around in my can now, looking for a way out, for quite some time.  It's not like there's a plethora of PHP-based RabbitMQ tutorials out there either.

So, that's the happs.  Now that things are settling down a bit, I'll try to get more information out.

Thank you for checking-in!

Upcoming Project...

I've got a project I'm going to start over the weekend.  I'll try to document it as thoroughly as possible because I think it's (a) a cool project and (b) someone else may learn from it. Here's what's happening.  I currently have four desktop systems:

  1. 27" iMac i7 (main work machine)
  2. Windows Vista Box - fairly powerful - previous work machine - has been "off" for about 6 months.
  3. Windows Vista Box #2 - Sarah's machine.  Slower box.  HP Mini Desktop.
  4. Linux server custom built but incredibly old.

My plan is:

  1. to retire the Linux server, this being the second such linux box I've retired in the last 16 years -- so there's a ton of data on it that needs to be backed-up and migrated over to what will become the new linux server.
  2. Save Sarah's data on the HP mini-desktop over to my old Vista box via the network.
  3. Wipe Sarah's box and install centOS hardened.
  4. Transfer my data from the old custom box to the new CentOS box.
  5. Retire the old custom box by reformatting it with Ubuntu.
  6. Configure the Linux box with a dedicated IP.
  7. Get Sarah's box restored and running on the network.

Start plan 2 of the project:

  1. Install Asterisk on the Linux server and configure it as a VOIP switch.
  2. Install soft SIP clients.
  3. Install kfone over the SIP clients.
  4. Test for proof of concept.

That's the summary - commentary and encouragement welcomed!

Web Services Tutorial Series Recovered!

My old blog, mshallop.wordpress.com, was shut down because they weren't able to resolve some technical issues I was having displaying code.  Unfortunately, I didn't think to obtain copies of the articles that I had written before shutting the site down and that, as they say, was that.  They were gone. Until I started up my wordpress applet on my iPad and I discovered that the applet had locally-saved copies of the articles.  So, despite the "updated" release dates, I re-present the tutorial on enabling Web Services with PHP & nuSoap.