Micheal Shallop

e: mshallop@linux.com ◆ p: 408-634-2214 ◆ San Diego, CA 92118



Full Stack LAMP Development

Experienced architect who undertakes difficult and complex assignments to develop and deploy web-based SaaS solutions.  Posses practical knowledge of development methodologies and is able to apply creative solutions via strong analytical skills.  Conversant with contemporary open-source software, integrating solutions into the application stack so as to provide scalable and maintainable frameworks.  Provides concise and tactful dissemination of technical and business concepts across multifunctional business teams.


Core competencies include:

  • PHP 5.x OOP
  • Linux Administration
  • MySQL
  • mongodb
  • Apache 2
  • git source code control
  • Amazon AWS
  • Jira & Confluence
  • Memory-based cache management



Method and Apparatus for Providing a Business Tool
United States US 8,108,250 B1 - Issued January 31, 2011


Professional Experience

TargetCW, Inc.  San Diego, CA ◆ Jan, 2013 — present

TargetCW is a dynamic business with a team of experienced HR professionals offering pay-rolling, staffing, pre-screening, international services, and overall HR-related solutions.

Back-End Lead Web Developer

Designed, coded and deployed a scalable, back-end data system using AMQP (rabbitMQ) for processing client requests.  PHP as the primary language using such features as tiered abstractions, factory design patterns, and centralized resource management.  Databases deployed using both MySQL and mongodb.  Used CodeIgniter for the front-end and authored first-generation Model/Controllers.  Custom back-end framework features included dynamically-generated MySQL prepared statements, stored procedures, triggers, events, and views. Deployment over AWS using scaled cluster with failover architecture.


Global Mojo, Inc.  San Francisco, CA ◆ 2012 — 2013

GlobalMojo, now givingassistant.org,  empowers end-users to get big retailers to donate when shopping via a browser app.  Effortless giving, costing users nothing, doing good.

Senior PHP Developer

Architected scalable data-warehousing schema in mongodb using a flexible PHP-based framework for handling high-volume transactions via both RESTful and AMQP interfaces.  Developed features such as a processing stack with event registration, auditing and roll-back, query-timer analyses and monitoring.  Embedded Memcached support within the framework’s data handling layer making it transparent to the front-end developers.


NileGuide, Inc. San Francisco, CA ◆ 2011 — 2012

Nileguide, acquired by Travora, was a blog-based travel web-site.  Localyte provides user recommendations on things to do and places to visit in destinations around the world.

Senior PHP Developer

Responsible for legacy maintenance.  Design and deploy back-end data services for the 2.0 product as processing layer wrapped around a no-sql geospatial data repository.  Designed and implemented complimentary data systems in both MySQL and mongodb.  Mapped a data-migration plan from the legacy system to the new model.  Authored, in PHP, the back-end framework and implemented a REST API wrapper for the product’s white-boxing.


Reputation.com  Redwood City, CA ◆ 2010 — 2011

Reputation.com delivered products revolving around online reputation management - or the practice of people and businesses look their best on the internet.

Software Engineer 

Product author for PrivacyChoice written within an existing custom framework allowing user I/O via AJAX, DOM-driven dynamic screen updates, to control third-party browser cookies on the client’s machine.  Re-architected base user-entity-membership relationship to support new SMB model across all product lines.  Contributing developer on an internal project to abstract the target-layer databases via an API nested between traditional db-calls and the db-proper.


Purple Communications San Jose, CA ◆ 2009 — 2010

At Purple, we're dedicated to developing fast, easy and convenient communications solutions and services for Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals and businesses using a variety of different platforms.

Senior Web Developer

Participated in design discussions and led development efforts to eventually oversee the deployment for corporate PHP-based web sites.  Oversight of the G2 (Community Services) System in terms of development and maintenance.   Developed the G2 web-services for SalesForce integration into the corporate CRM.  Worked with enterprise DBA team in design and development of databases and associated interfaces.


QuickTrac Software Mountain View CA ◆ 2005 — 2009

QuickTrac is a patented field-proven business scanner currently being used by some of the most successful automotive repair companies to monitor and improve their business.

Director of Product Development

Technical partner and patent-holder for core-product technology.  Hands-on software architect, developer and team manager for this start-up.  Responsible for product specifications, road-maps, cost estimates and release schedules.  Scaled a proof-of-concept application into a subscription-based, production-level product within eighteen months.


Contractor San Jose, CA ◆ 2003 — 2005

Owner and sole-proprietor of household goods brick-and-mortar retail facility.  Contract programmer for several web-based start-up projects involving concept development suitable for investment presentations.


ITT Technical College Santa Clara, CA ◆ 2001 — 2003

Worked as an instructor in the Associates Degree program teaching approved curriculum, developed daily lesson plans, participated in college retention and placement programs, recommended improvements in curriculum design.


Brocade Software, Sunnyvale CA ◆ 2000 — 2001

Director of WW Technical Support responsible for the successful creation of a ground-up technical support center, integrated scalable infrastructure (CRM, IVR, KB, etc.) and accountability metrics to establish and maintain customer satisfaction with product quality.  Responsible for building both the US and European support centers.


BMC Software, Sunnyvale CA ◆ 1997 — 2000

Technical support manager - created a support team of technical and non-technical professionals for newly-acquired product technology.  Hired, trained and staffed a team totaling thirty-four technical staff in a TBM environment which also provided pre-testing, service and support for a twenty-nine products.


SCO Santa Cruz CA ◆ 1994 — 1997

Technical Support Engineer/Technical Support Manager - provided direct telephone support and tiered support (supporting the support engineers) for SCO Unix.  Specialties included the development system (a stand-alone product) for C-programming, kernel tuning, and crash analysis.


Exxon USA, Houston TX ◆ 1991 — 1994

Software Analyst — developed internal unix-based application in C and embedded SQL/C, shell scripts, and a relational database.  



Bachelor or Science, with Honors, in Computing and Information Science from Oklahoma State (1991) with GPA of 3.62/4.00.  Minor:  History.